Filtrate Reducers

Drilling fluids must be able to form a solid filter cake on the wellbore wall which prevents the flow of fluid into the formation. By promoting the formation of a strong, thin filter cake, Filtration reducer, also known as fluid loss control agents, protect the formation from filtrate invasion and reduce the potential for differential sticking. Paladin Drill offers a line of chemicals used to reduce fluid loss to the formation caused by the liquid phase of the drilling fluid. Our filtration reducers can be formulated to work effectively in bottom hole temperatures as high as 500°F (260°C).

Product Line:

Trade Name Description
FR-NS1 Nitrile Silicone Polymer Filtration Reducer
FR-LV1 Low Viscosity Polymer Filtration Reducer
FR-331 Sulfonate Copolymer Filtration Reducer
FR-331b Sulfonate Copolymer Filtration Reducer
sPAC Modified Polyanionic Cellulose Polymers
FR-100 Modified Starch
FR-210 High Temperature Modified Starch
FR-SPR1 Sulfomethylated Phenolic Resin
FR-LNR1 Lignite Resin for Drilling Fluid
FR-LN1 Lignite Anti-salt Filtration Reducer

Shale Inhibitors

Shale inhibitors minimize water’s ability to hydrate clay, gumbo and reactive shales. Hydration causes swelling, wellbore instability, high torque and drag, and stuck pipe. (Delay or prevent shale swelling and achieve a more stable, trouble-free, gauge wellbore). Paladin Drill chemical additives are designed to inhibit reactive shales in water-base drilling systems and reservoir drill-in fluids. Our shale inhibitors are designed to enhance drill ability while maintaining low toxicity for environmental acceptability.

Product Line:

Trade Name Description
SI-60 Nano-polyester for Drilling Fluid
SI-100 Acid Soluble Sulfonated Asphalt
SI-200 Amine Based Shale Inhibitor
SI-338 Nano-Silica for Drilling Fluid
SI-AL1 Complexing Aluminium Based Shale Inhibitor


By reducing friction between the drill string and the formation or casing, lubricants and rate of penetration (ROP) enhancers minimize torque and drag., Lubricants are added to drilling fluids to reduce friction between the drill string and the formation or casing and minimize torque and drag on the drill string, thus maximizing the achievable rate of penetration, thereby reducing tool wear and enhancing transmission of weight and energy to the bit. The enhanced weight and energy increases the drilling rate. Paladin Drill offers a range of chemical products formulated to reduce the coefficient of friction (COF) of drilling fluids, helping you minimize torque and drag, reduce stuck pipe risk, and increase ROP.

Product Line:

Trade Name Description
LUBE-101 EP Lubricant for Drilling Fluid
LUBE-201 Vegetable Oil Lubricant for Drilling Fluid
LB-HD1 High Density EP Lubricant
LB-GR Solid Lubricant
LB-PB Plastic Beads